Textbooks for Fall 2019

Textbooks are supplied by MBS, a virtual bookstore. Beginning on August 1, the “store” will be open for parents and students to log in and discover each student’s courses and required texts. The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) will be supplied for each required text. New books, and used copies as available, will be offered for sale. Families may elect to buy from MBS, or use the information about the book, including the ISBN, to find the book from other online or in-store vendors such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and others.
Textbooks for courses only offered at St. Catherine’s will not be available online. Those textbooks may only be purchased from the St. Catherine’s Bookstore.
MSB will provide free shipping on orders over $99 August 1-14.
The Bookstore will continue to sell school supplies, St. Christopher’s clothing, calculators, and other non-textbook materials, but textbooks will not be sold.
Please watch your email for specific instructions on accessing MBS Direct later in the summer. www.mbsdirect.net 
For more information please call the Bookstore at 804-282-3185, ext. 5331.

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